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Established in 1979, Alan R. Miller, P.C. is a full-service, law firm.  We have a substantial corporate, commercial, civil, motorsports, real estate, securities, and litigation practice that clients can rely on for any legal services they need.   We also provide the flexibility, responsiveness, and personal attention for each of our client’s unique circumstances.  Because of our relatively small size, our attorneys are able to offer individualized counseling and one-on-one communication for each client. The breadth of our experience allows us to anticipate and respond to the rapid changes in today’s business environment.  Alan R. Miller, P.C. is not rigidly departmentalized; instead we have attorneys who concentrate and specialize in various areas of the law.  Each of our attorneys has various areas of specialty and work together to create a collaborative environment. 


At Alan R. Miller, P.C., client representation is a reflection of ourselves.  We are committed to achieving the best possible results while adhering to only the highest ethical standards.  Our clients’ interests are our first priority and we achieve results both they and the firm can be proud of. 


At Alan R. Miller, P.C. we understand that each client, whether an individual or a company, has a unique identity and individual needs.  By listening to our clients and applying our years of experience, our firm is  able to provide exceptional counsel to achieve optimal results.

Principles of Client Service 

For over thirty (30) years, Alan R. Miller, P.C. has responded to its clients' changing business and legal needs.  The following principles are the foundation of our culture and success:

  • We utilize our legal experience to efficiently increase the value of our clients’ businesses;

  • We identify client goals and objectives to tailor our unsurpassed negotiating and settlement experience to minimize stress and maximize results;

  • We provide individual and practical advice, offering our clients alternative solutions to solve their legal issues and avoid future problems;

  • We are proactive in learning about our clients’ needs, anticipating any potential challenges;

  • We provide personal, candid, and cost-effective legal services.

Practical Advice

We recognize that our clients want practical advice that will simplify their lives.  Communicating regularly with our clients, we ensure that our firm is always focusing on the goals’.  We ensure that each client is equipped with the information they need to weigh the possible benefits and risks of any outcome.   Understanding these principals, we candidly advise our clients on their legal issues with the goal of resolving the situation quickly and in the most beneficial way.

Concerns for Costs

Our principal goal is to provide our clients with the best possible results at the lowest cost.  We welcome a frank discussion of anticipated fees and expenses at the start of the engagement and throughout our relationship.  While managing projects, we consistently keep our clients informed of the status and cost.  We also are in constant communication with our clients, providing flexibility that enables our attorneys to change the project=s direction if unexpected issues arise.  We welcome and encourage our clients’ involvement at every stage in our representation. 
Fast Response

Our firm provides timely responses to each of our client’s requests.  We have proactive attorneys who offer guidance for each client’s legal needs.  Each matter is staffed to maximize our effectiveness and ensure that we are able to respond to you promptly, efficiently, and economically.